Thursday, 28 August 2008

Baby with two heads

Two-headed baby under police guard
By Andy Rudd, 27/08/2008

A baby boy born with two heads has been put under police guard in a Bangladesh hospital after a 15,000 strong mob arrived to look at it.

The baby, named Kiron, weighed 5.5kg when he was born on Monday morning by caesarean in Keshobpur.

Gynaecologist Mohamad Abdul Bari said: "He has one stomach and he is eating normally with his two mouths. He has one genital organ and a full set of limbs.

"He was born from one embryo but there was a developmental anomaly."

Doctors have been unable to determine whether the baby has one or two sets of vital organs.

Due to the large crowds gathering at the hospital to try and see the baby, both the mother, 22, and son have been moved to a larger hospital and the police have been called in.

"Around 150,000 people gathered yesterday from different areas. It became tough for us to care for the baby,” Mr Bari added.

"We called police to tackle the situation and they are guarding the hospital in Jessore as well."

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Anonymous said...

...all men have 2 heads, the one above and the one below. Most men took the wish of their heads below as command....and the heads above share in the joys of the "bald-heads!"

And in Malaysia....31 )gos or 16th September....ada 2 KAPLA juga!

Odoi Dogo,
Gunung Kinabalu