Tuesday, 18 August 2009

OKK Surprise, Surprise OKK

I wish to refer again to the controversy of the appointment of Sylvester Disimon as Penampang District replacing incumbent OKK Christopher Mojungkim.

On the recommendation by the Moyog Assemblyman Donald Datuk Peter Mojuntin, Disimon was appointed and had been issued with the appointment letter which he duly accepted and submitted to the Penampang District Officer William Sampil. He is due to report duty on Sept 1, 2009.

Disimon's appointment was made after Mojungkim's service was terminated on July 23, 2009. An association of leaders from the Penampang District protested and had appealed to the Assemblyman for Mojungkim to continue on as OKK.

And the SURPRISE is that a very reliable source personally told me this evening that Disimon will not be an OKK after all. There has been a new turn of event late afternoon whereby, Mojungkim's termination letter has or will be revoke and the same will be made to Disimon's appointment.

As I had stated in my early posting, the appointment of OKK is initiated by the Assemblyman. He has the power/right to recommend to appoint a new OKK and power for the same to terminate incumbent service.

Surprise I shall say. This is politics in the real meaning of the word.

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