Monday, 31 August 2009

OKK Merdeka Surprise

I have the privileges of speaking with Gundohing Sylvester Disimon (right) and Penampang District Chief OKK Christopher Mojungkim (left) on Friday Aug 28, 2009. As in my previous posting, the government had terminated Mojungkim's service on July 23, 2009 and appointed Disimon to replace him on Aug 3, 2009.

Mojungkim appealed against his `sacking' while Disimon had accepted his appointment and all set to report duty to Penampang District Officer William Sampil at the Penampang Native Court tomorrow (Tuesday Sept 1, 2009).

But on Friday Disimon's appointment was revoked.

"Yes, I have received my letter of revocation," he told me on Saturday, confirming that he would not be the new Penampang OKK. His appointment was cancelled with him not even have the chance to sit at the OKK chair and hold court as the Native Court's Chief Judge.

But while Disimon's appointment had been revoked, there has been no word on Mojungkim's termination. The big question for now is will Mojungkim continue to be in office or a third person will be appointed as the new OKK.

In a case like this, either of the two will be happy. They are cousins and I smell of some `Surprise' development in a day or two.

Now that Disimon will not be an OKK at all, Mojungkim's future as OKK is not secured. As no solution to this controversial in sight, I assume that the post of Penampang OKK is now vacant or can even be said FROZEN for the time being

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