Thursday, 6 March 2008

Winning hand down...

Browsing I came across this article which I wanted to share with my visitors.

Barisan Nasional Wins 12th General Election
March 5, 2008 by mindspring

Anyone disagree? Even if Barisan did not do any campaigning, throwing of money for last minute promises etc. they would win, literally hands down. Can you imagine Barisan loosing?

I have done several post before this to explain why Barisan will win…. first the opposition has a branding issue , then there is Anwar Ibrahim and of course there is KJ who will be PM by age 40…

So for you and me who are just Joe publics…. there isn’t a lot we can do… to stop barisan from winning despite the fact that 91% of Malaysia Today readers want a change government . And lets be real, we do know that the alternatives - PAS, DAP. PKR would be clueless on how to run the country if they won.

So here is my suggestion, since Barisan will win anyway…. the vote you and I cast for them really wont make a difference. So lets take out VOTE and give it to the opposition. The least we can do is put a few opposition people in power to provide some check and balances in parliment and the state assemblies. This way, at least our vote would be meaningful….

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