Thursday, 27 March 2008

Ban from travelling - Politically Motivated says Harris

Former Sabah Chief Minister (1976-1985) Datuk Harris Mohd Salleh has been barred by the Inland Revenue Board (IRD) to leave the country due to non-payment of RM419,715,62 being real property gains tax.

However, Harris, who confirmed to Daily Express last night receiving the letters from IRD dated Feb 22, 2008, said the letters was a `very bad mistake' on the part of the authorities which `bordered on malice or was politically-motivated.'

In the letters signed by Kota Kinabalu IRD's Senior Assistant Director, informed Harris that copies of the letters had been forwarded to the Inspector General of Police and the Immigration Director General requesting them to rake action to prevent Harris from leaving Malaysia unless he had settled the outstanding tax.

Harris said he had referred the matter to his lawyers who would soon be demanding a public apology from IRD plus an appropriate compensation.

"I am not liable to pay the real property gains tax. The IRD had issued a letter in 2005 stating that the land involved in the transaction was not subject to tax."

"Whoever is responsible (for issuing the letters) can expect to face a lawsuit," Harris said.

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Interesting to see development on this matter.

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