Monday, 3 March 2008

Students asked to tell parents to vote for.....

The Daily Express today reported that State Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) director Latifah Md Yassin had confirmed receiving a report on corruption relating to the ongoing election campaign.

She said it involved the offering of cash to students during a school ceremony in a school in the West Coast of Sabah. The students were said to have been told to tell their parents to vote for a particular candidate of a political party on polling day - March 8.

Latifah said ACA is investigating the report.

She also said that the ACA headquarters in Kota Kinabalu has an operation centre that is open 24-hours to receive reports of alleged corrupt practices during this elections.

My Say:

ACA will receive a lot more reports during and after the elections.

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Anonymous said...

The unmaking of a nation shouldn't be blamed upon the culture of drug addiction..... past great empires fell due to....and simply due to greed!

Let the ACA emulates HK's China , corruption means a bullet lodged inside the head!