Thursday, 4 October 2012

Stop Ignoring native's right - Majimbun


Progressive Party (SAPP) Deputy President Datuk Eric Majimbun said the statement by the Director of Land and Survey that there were no more NCR lands after 1930 is tantamount to ignore the rights of our Sabah natives, 'son of the soil rights' and an attempt to deprive the natives of their rights.

"Does he also meant that cases in which the Court of Law has ruled in favour of NCR claims by natives on their land are null and void?" Majimbun questioned.

Eric Majimbun, who is also Member of Parliament for Sepanggar said such statement should come from the BN state government instead of the director of Land and Survey who is only a civil servant.

"The whole purpose why the British Company enforced laws on Native Customary Rights (NCR) is to protect and help our natives who are underprivileged in various aspects.

"It is sad to see that land grabs are happening almost everyday in the state while claims on NCR and years of application by natives were ignored but instead granted to big companies in the name of development by the government.

"Cases such as these have happened in Serudung, Merotai in Tawau, Sukau in Sandakan, Kg Mapat Kanibongan in Pitas, Tandek and Nabawan, the government is suppressing and ignoring our natives' rights," Majimbun said in Kota Kinabalu on Monday (Oct 1, 2012).

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