Thursday, 4 October 2012

Only 61 Sabahans heading Federal Department in Sabah


A QUESTION was raised by the DAP Ipoh Timor MP, Lim Kit Siang in Parliament recently concerning how many federal departments are headed by Sabahan and non-Sabahan.  

He also asked for the figure and list of The minister in the Prime Minister Department answered that out of the 133 federal department in Sabah, there is 61 (45.9%) Sabahan heading the department, and 72 (54.1%) from people outside of Sabah.

Until 14th of September, 2012, Sabahan officers in First / special Grade and above, working in the federal civil service are 19. There is one each in the Grades under First Grade-Scale 1, First Grade-Scale 2, and First Grade A. There are 3 officers under First Grade B, 13 under First Grade and Special Grade C.

From the small number of Sabahan heading the top federal departments, which should be much larger than what it is, we can see that there is no priority and importance given to the Sabahan to head an important role in the Federal departments all this while, said the KKMP Hiew King Cheu. Is this because that the Sabahan are less capable and qualified?

We want more federal positions in Sabah and in other places in Malaysia, and this is recognition that Sabahan are a large part of the population where they equally have the right to share the federal top grade jobs in Malaysia.

If we proportionate the top federal positions to our 3.4 million population with the national population of 27 million, we should have at least 12% share. The figure we have now is far too few.

It is a must to allocate a bigger share on the top positions Sabahan who are holding high federal position in the country.

in the federal civil service to the Sabahan. The same should apply to the uniform groups like the military and police. Sabahan has been deprived of this for a long time, we are not third class citizens and this must be corrected immediately

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