Friday, 5 October 2012

An Open Letter To PKR, STAR and SAPP

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ANY TIME Malaysians will be called to cast our votes, in GE13. Our cousins in West Malaysia are more fortunate than us in Sabah, given that they have an easier choice to make, choose Pakatan Rakyaat or Barisan Nasional.

In Sabah, we are not impressed by the collective behaviour of the opposition parties. In fact, we are profoundly uncharmed for having a fragmented opposition parties being forced upon us, for reasons best known to yourselves.

This, however does not stop the Rakyat from making conjectures on your intentions. Your 'fight back' war cry and shallow symbolism, willing us to change, mean very little to us, the voters, if you fail to project a united opposition having the same set of intentions and politics.

What we have seen so far is the unattractive sides of all of you. Some of us find this offensive, others find this disturbing. If your aim is to win the coming election by wearing a mask, seeing voters in black and white, you need now to see us in different shades of grey because our diverse communities and cultures are different, far more complex than what you see us in a fleeting few hours or days of ceramahs.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, you can either view STAR/SAPP as part of the problems, or view them as part of the solutions. On a global scale, we are living in interesting time. For the first time in almost 200 years, the economic power has shifted from the west to the east.

Most economic analysts agree that by 2020 China could be the largest economic power. We are also living in an environment, where the global dynamics, are determined by technologies, that are both frightening and exhilarating at the same time. Technologies that do not respect boundaries and countries. Considering your International and National Status, these are what you should train your sight on.

You may have heard of an amazing Zimbabwean Lady Madam Sakai Holland. She is currently holding the post of Co-Minister of Healing and Reconciliation under the Mugabe's Government.

In 2007, she was almost beaten to death by Robert Mugabe's police. Her boss Morgan Tsvangirai, the current Prime Minister survived three assassination attempts on his life and lost his wife in a car 'accident'.

Yet today, they are serving under the Presidency of Robert Mugabe in the name of UNITY. Whatever differences each of you may have, it cannot be more serious than that experienced by Madam Sakai and PM Tsvangirai.

I sincerely appeal to you all, on behalf of Sabahans, especially to you DSAI, as the leader of the biggest grouping of parties, and as the alternate Prime Minister of Malaysia, to focus on National and International Matters.

Concentrate on what you are good at and leave Sabah politics to Sabahans. Do not get weigh down by domestic matters and work with STAR/SAPP to challenge BN one on one. You proudly proclaim that Sabah will be given Autonomy if PR wins, let us see you practise this with your domestic politics and not apply 18.4 of PKR's constitution to us (18.4 unquoted as intended).

Be magnanimous in your actions and give us a chance to help you to be the seventh Prime Minister of this amazing Nation of ours, our Malaysia. Instead of cursing the dark, we, the voters, beg you please light a candle.
Hoping that this appeal will meet with kind and favourable considerations. Written on behalf of ANAK SABAH, who wish for change.

Best Regards,

My Say:
As long as the opposition parties in Sabah are opposing each others, Barisan Nasional will emerge the winner in the 13th general election. Just one case in the 2008 election - Inanam state seat: BN-PBS 5, 979 votes, PKR 4, 293 votes and DAP2,864 votes. This showed that should it was a straight fight BN would had lost.

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