Monday, 6 July 2009

Time to move on.....trying something new

Top editors of the New Straits Times who had left at the same time as me are now almost all back at the NST, holding even more senior posts. Congratulations to all of them. I also found out that a numbers of Federal ministers' press secretaries are my former workmates in NST.

I left NSTas a news editor four years ago and went unemployed for about a year. I joined Daily Express in July 2006, on contract for a year. I was signed again for another two years and that contract is due to end this week.

The management had called me to disscuss (to sign) a new contract. After a thinking for a long time, I now decided not to renew my contract. I decided to move on to something new, one that I had never had the opportunity to do during my 30 years in journalism.

To all my friends, thank you very much indeed for all the supports, we will not be far from each others for I `once a journalist, will always be a journalist'.


jaxons said...

I too want to move on but my hands and feet are tied at the moment :(

anakhashim said...

Salam sejahtera.
Mau kemana kawan? Walau kemana pun jangan lupa tulis kat Aki Momogun nanti orang lupa kita.Kalau merajuk pergi aja Semporna . Kalau ada yang belum cukuop akan di sempurnakan . Saya harap kawan akan terus menulis dan jangan lupa kawan . Bermusuh jangan pun satu berkasih berkawan biar beribu . Apa pun kalau ke sini janagn lupa hallo . Kita ngirup teh . Selamat .Terima kasih .

Anuar Hashim .

JBingkasan said...

JS: Your are in good position to be where you are now. I am sure you will move up the ladder in that organisation to a position, Sabahans an I to be proud of.

Pak Haji: Saya tak akan kemana jauh. berkedudukan di Kota KInabalu juga. Akan terus terlibt dalam penulisan cuma dalam bentuk yang lain, bukan print media. dalam kerjaya yang akan saya ceburi ini, saya akan banyak masa berjalan dan KL adalah satu daripada tempat itu. Saya akan cari Pak Haji. Salam