Friday, 17 July 2009

Berjaya Baru - a new Sabah political party

A group of young local leaders are grouping to revive Parti Rakyat Jelata Sabah (Berjaya). Following the latest development in this movement, it look like this will add more colours to Sabah's politics.

The following is the party's introduction in its website.

A new dawn is upon us my fellow Sabahan,that is a dawn for CHANGE..Long have we been play out for 2 decade and been subject to politic manipulations by irresponsible politician just because they wanted to protect their bowl of soup.Ever Since our inception into Malaya federation.Time and again we are been subject to harassment by federal politician. Before we came into Malaysia federation.We were told that we will be partner rather then a state status like the other state's in Malaya.But today were are considered to be a state in Malaysia and not a partner.But we must strong and united; so as we can protect and serve our Sabah interest.Maybe there is nothing that we can do the set things Right.But we can still make a greater CHANGE,To Change for the better state government,who do not just make empty promised and cheat the state of its resources. The poor are getting poorer but the rich become richer . In order for us to gain of dignity and freedom, let us UNITE and band together to form this NEW PARTY who once defeated a authoritarian government in 1976. Let us again awake!! and united!! to do the same now to created a new Utopia state government.tell everyone let us join together and free Sabah from an oppressive state politician. NOW ITS THE TIME TO STRIKE!!!


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KarmaRules said...

Can I have the web address for this? I'd like to find out more about them.