Thursday, 23 July 2009

SC was talking about me 2 days before he dies

Sarawak veteran and much respected journalist S C Chan (pix from was talking about me two days before he went for his by-pass surgery at the Normah Specialist Hospital, Kuching two days ago. He did not make it as he passed away yesterday morning.
This was related a minute ago to me in an email by Sulok Tawie, the New Straits Times bureau chief for Sarawak.
Sulok's email to me.
`Two days before he (SC) died, SC and I (Sulok) were attending a Press conference by Sarawak People Democratic Party's president Datuk William Mawan after the party's supreme council meeting in Kuching.'
`While waiting for the PC, reporters talked on various issues and topics of interest. Then he (SC) asked me (Sulok) about you (JB) and my (Sulok) answer was "I heard he is no longer with the Daily Express."
`Then he (SC) told us (reporters) that he (SC) met you (JB) after your (JB) posting (as NST news editor for Sabah and Sarawak) in Kuching and brought you (JB) to Hilton Hotel.'
`I (SC) did not not he (JB) was a great drinker. In about 10 minutes he (JB) finished 18 glasses of beer. I (SC) should had brought him (JB) to a coffee chop where the beer was cheap."
My Say:
Such was a great man in SC, he remembered and like me in his own way which I appreciated and will forever be in my mind. That was only the first encounter with him. What follows were happy memories at all of the watering holes in Kuching, also with Sulok, Martin Yee, Johannes Ridu, Patrick Joseph, Joseph Tawie, Jonathan Bullet just to name a few.
Farewell Mr SC Chan and May Your Soul Rest In Peace.

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