Sunday, 3 May 2009

LDP: Will speak up against BN leaders if....

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has come to the defence of its president, Datuk VK Liew, who has been accused of picking a fight with the state government.
“It is unfair to say that Datuk VK Liew is picking a fight with the state government. We are fighting for the government and we dare to tell the top leaders within the Barisan Nasional (BN) if we feel something is not right,” said LDP vice pre-sident Isaac Pang told reporters in Sandakan.
"We do not want the people lose hope and confidence in BN. We want them to trust and give more support to the BN leadership,” he added.
He said the LDP had been sincere in fighting for the benefit of the people for the past 20 years and being the oldest component member in the Sabah BN, it had not only tirelessly supported BN but also voiced its concern for the sake of the rakyat.
Pang, who is also the LDP Tanjung Papat division chairman, was replying to the accusation made by Sandakan Umno Chief Datuk Seri Ampong Puyon when the LDP Supreme Council had unanimously in its meeting last Sunday decided to demand the resignation of Datuk Raymond Tan as the Deputy Chief Minister as he was partyless then.
Raymond, who quit from Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) after the party left the BN last year, has joined Peninsular-based Gerakan.
Pang explained that what LDP was doing was only to raise its concerns over issues which may be detrimental to the support of BN in future in Sabah.
“The precedence started and maintained by Datuk Raymond Tan can be dangerous for the future of Sabah BN,” he pointed out.
Pang also said that Liew had never forgotten the people of Sandakan, including many local Umno members who sought assistance from him.
Sandakan Umno deputy chief Datuk Awang Sham had urged Liew to concentrate on his role as the Member of Parliament of Sandakan by ‘turun padang’ (go down to the ground) and not to cause little quarrels and fighting within the BN family.
Pang explained that Liew as the federal deputy minis-ter, is required to be in Kuala Lumpur but he is always back in Sandakan on a week-ly basis to ‘turun padang’ and serve the people by lis-tening to their views and he is the voice of these people.

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