Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sabah Lundayeh Cultural Association

Here is the list of the newly elected Committee members of the Sabah Lundayeh Cultural Association. They were elected during the association annual general meeting held at its own building in Sipitang on Saturday, April 25, 2009.

President: Pengiran Lalung (retains the post uncontested)
Deputies: 1. Thaba Libang.(uncontested).
2. Raymond Isak Uta.
3. Martin Aran.

VP: 1. Edward Padan Danor.
2. Richard Kamtan Tuah
3. Pius Ganang.
4. Richard Sulaiman Liau.
5. Joseph Arow Sinau.

Committee Members:
1. Sulaiman Boing.
2. Joshua Tuah.
3. Stephen Baru Labo.
4. Buing Balang.
5. Samuel Kafung.
6. Sidan Labo.
7. Mariam Sakai.
8. Saran Ipui.
9. Titus Sakai.
10. Salam Selutan.
11. Semion Sakai.
12. Richard Selutan.

The Secretary General and its assistant, Treasurer and its assistant and Information chief and its assistant will be appointed later.

In his opening speech, Sipitang MP Datuk Sapawi Hj. Ahmad praised the Association for its commitment in promoting culture of the Lundayeh, who is already well-known throughout the nation, although they are one of the minority groups in sabah. He said the Lundayeh is also well-known for their unique bamboo band performance which cannot be found in any other ethnic group in the state.

He also praised the Lundayeh Association for their success in building its own cultural building with their own initiative and funds. During the same occasion, Sapawi made a personal donation of 150 plastic chairs for the association use.

According to Lalung, the building, which is situated at kilometer 7 off Sipitang-Sindumin road costs the association more than RM600,000 to date. it still requires more funds to furnish the building.

So far the Association received about RM250,000.00 from the state and federal government.

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