Saturday, 25 April 2009

Form One students can't read and write: How true can this be???

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KENINGAU: Despite having completed six years of primary education a number of students in Trans Pegalan still do not know how to read and write. More alarmingly, their number has increased.
An educational activist, Garius Pukin, when revealing this yesterday claimed that based on statistics in the last five years at least 40 students who entered Form One bridge class had been identified having no ability to read and write.
“This is a serious matter,” he said.
Garius, who is also the Village Development and Security Committee chairman of Kg Ambual, lamented that the situation had forced 20 worried parents to relocate their children to other schools.
“It’s impossible that they still don’t know how to read and write after having spent six years in the primary school…but this is a reality and it’s happening in Trans Pegalan,” he said.
But Garius claimed that the causes were obvious, one of which is that some teachers are over-preoccupied with political and business commitments.
“Many teachers who are holding political positions frequently abscond from their teaching duties for weeks especially when their parties are having activities like divisional and national meetings,” he alleged.
He urged the Education Ministry to investigate the matter or better still, ban teachers from any involvement in politics.
“Their job is to teach.”
My Say:
I have my reservation about the truth of this story. But coming from a teacher and a community leader, I assume that something must be done to correct the situation. Kampung Ambual is in Keningau (Interior Division of Sabah).
We have had Yang Dipertua Negeri (Two), Ex-Chief Minister (Two), Ex-Deputy Chief Minister (two and another one is still in that position now), Ministers, Assistant Ministers, Members of Parliament and Assemblymen from this area.
It is impossible that they did not know about this thing happening in their own area. Teachers should be at schools teaching students, not out there in politics and business.


SJDisimon said...

I am not surprised about this alarming development. Some teachers may not have the commitment to teach their students and to monitor their progress, nor do they have the sincerity to teach them in a professional manner. The 'Tidak Apa' attitude seems to seep, and this would defeat the purpose of providing the students the best tuition they can expect from their teachers.
But I have this lingering question ... how did those students managed to pass their Primary six exam? Automatic promotion? This is the problem of automatic promotion to Form One, unlike during my time. Who suffer in the end? How are those students able to prepare and sit for their Form Three Exams? From Form 1 to 3, again the students are promoted automatically?
Something wrong with our Education System. Even English medium of teaching in science subjects is to be replaced. This is ridiculous.

JJune said...

Hi Uncle..
I have something to say on this matter..Yes, mostly and practically it seemed like its on the teachers' faults (not blamming any parties, though)..But really we CANNOT blame completely to the I'm a teacher myself,teaching in one of the Trans Pegalan Zone..knowing my students backgrounds and also their learning environments..Really hope that, ALL parts should play and take full responsibilities enhancing the standard of education not only in zone levels but also districts as well as the state level..

JJune said...

Hai Uncle..
I just have to say something on this I'm also a teacher teaching here in Trans Pegalan Zone..I'm not here to blame anybody..just that I wish and hope that before we pointed out a wrong doing of someone or something..there should be a full investigations and inspection from all the corcerned parties..and here I am to say that, it's NOT COMPLETELY the schools or teachers' faults..for only us teachers should know the backgrounds and learning environments of our students..SO..please..everyone should take part and play their roles in enhancing the education standard for our children..PARENTS,TEACHERS,SCHOOLS,MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AS WELL AS THE STUDENTS themselves...stop blamming and start playing our roles..

JBingkasan said...

I agree that all have to shoulder the blame of thing like this happening. In the first place this should not happened for a school is an institution to bring about educational development, beginning to write and read.

A for an apple, B for a Book, C for candle......isn't it disturbing that one in Form one can't even write let alone read?