Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I'm clean says Sindu

Consumer Association of Sabah and Labuan (Cash) president Datuk Patrick Sindu said the police report against him for allegedly criminal breach of trust of the association money was politically motivated.
Saying that there was never money missing, he believed that there were someone behind the two officials who made the reports and went to the Press to announce the allegation against him.
Meanwhile, Cash Treasurer General Cladius George said none of the money channelled by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs to Cash has been misused.
In a statement to the Press, he confirmed that RM50,000 was channelled to Cash.
"A portion of the money was used to settle office rental payment, telephone and electricity bills and saguhati kakitangan (employee allowance).
"In light of this, I assure there is no CBT or such, as the statement of account will be produced during the Annual General Meeting this March 15," he said.
A report was lodged against a Cash senior official for alleged CBT on Monday by its Secretary-General Hashima Hasbullah and Deputy President Nordin Thani.
Among others she alleged that some of the money was withdrawn without the knowledge of both her and the Cash committee.

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