Monday, 9 February 2009

DAP: City Hall Collecting Parking Fee illegally?

Sabah DAP chief Dr Hiew King Cheu claimed that the collection of parking fees in Kota Kinabalu City is illegal since new rates has been approved and published in the government gazette.
Dr Hiew, who is also Kota Kinabalu MP, said Sabah DAP Legal Advisory Bureau had studied the case and found that it was illegal and wrongful to collect parking fees based on the expired rates.
"The City Hall is legally at fault and should at the first instant stop and suspend the car park fee collecting company from using the old rate parking tickets."
"The Sabah DAP Legal Advisory Bureau will look into the possibility to seek legal action to this effect on not using the new approved rates," he said in a statement issued in Kota Kinabalu.
According to Hiew, the new car park rate was not implemented by the company although it was approved on Jan 8, which should be with immediate effect.
"These raised lots of queries from the KK folks. Some people even said that the parking company is making use of the extra time to gather extra money. The people said that there is no reason that it needs such a long time to change to the new rates," he said.
Hiew said he had asked for clarification from the officer-in-charge of the car parking facility and was told that the company needed more time to prepare for the change of the new rates including reprinting of the parking tickets, notice boards and other necessary items.
But, Hiew said the explanation was unacceptable as the delay had been almost for a month and it looked like it would take a longer time to do so.
"Meanwhile, KK folks are still paying for the expired and expensive old parking rates and the collection company shows no sign of using the new lower rate parking tickets," he said.
Hiew said the issue must not to be taken lightly and the interest of the people must be protected.
"The Sabah Government must be held responsible for their deliberate fault and ignorant of the law," he said.

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