Saturday, 14 February 2009

Four days Free Parking In KK City

Wawasan Iktisas Sdn Bhd, which manages parking bays for Kota Kinabalu City Hall, has been instructed to suspend the collection of Type A and Type B parking fees from Feb 16 to 19.

Mayor Datuk Iliyas Ibrahim issued the directive, to make way for intermediate measures to be implemented by Wawasan Iktisas such as stamping the new rates, which became effective Jan 8, over existing parking tickets while waiting for the new tickets to be ready by mid March.

Collection of fees for these types of parking, to be based on the new rates, will resume on Feb 20.

However, collection for Type C parking lots in the central business district and Type C1 outside the central business district, which are not affected by the new rates, remains unchanged and will be carried out as usual.

Iliyas, together with DBKK Holdings Sdn Bhd General Manager, Kenny Chan, recently met with Wawasan Iktisas to discuss the matter.

The Mayor said City Hall has been notified of the publication of the Government Gazette last week and City Hall, through DBKK Holdings Sdn Bhd, has subsequently informed Wawasan Iktisas to implement the new parking rates.

Chan explained that motorists who have paid for their parking tickets for Type A and B parking lots incurred between Jan 8 and Feb 14, 2009, the extra parking fees, which they have settled, will be credited to their vehicles.

For those parking tickets Type A and B incurred in the same period, which have not been settled, the new rates will apply when the motorists settle them on or after Feb 20.

Sabah DAP chief Dr Hiew King Cheu earlier this week said City Hall was collecting parking fees illegally as the rate had been reduced but still is collecting thhe old rate. Dr Hiew is also the sole DAP member of Parliament in Sabah representing Kota Kinabalu. See earlier posting.

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