Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Majimbun on Sept 16 issue

As published HERE today.

My Say:

For the record Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan then Chief Minister had during the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Malaysia Day in Kota Kinabalu on Sept 16, 1988 requested the Federal Government that starting the following year (1989) Sept 16, be declared a national public holiday to mark Malaysia Day.

Pairin had said that Sept 16, 1963 was a special date for all Malaysians as it was the day when the Federation of Malaysia was inaugurated.


Anonymous said...

Najib = ...declaring September 16th contradicts the process of "Integrasi Nasional"...

What does Max have to say about this since his last posting as a minister in the Jabatan Perdana Menteri....was, among other duties, charged to oversee the progress of "Integrasi Nasional?"...

I tell wise KL leadership...when the sacredness of September 16th remains to be nationally unobserved then the desire to secede the federation would most probably be materialised .............

This is not an impossible dream...a dream that could happen in my lifetime! We don't need any armies to realise our dream...we need only God to fulfill the """ONLY DESIRE OF OUR HEART!"""

....SO WAKE UP....the Rafflesia Revolution will be sweeping Borneo unless September 16th is NATIONALLY recognised as MALAYSIA DAY !

...look at the states.....4th of July satisfies them...from Alaska to Hawaii...even Guam!

Malaysia is a product of Anglo-American's fear of communism....Malaysia is not a product to establish Melayu Raya as envisioned by the left-leaning late Soekarno!

Gunung Kinabalu

Anonymous said...

4th of July, 1776...Texas was not part of the American republic. It only became a state within the USA at a much latter date but then the Texans have every reasons to observe the 4th of July as Independence the rest of the Americans were observing..

Why...because the American Glorious Stripe equally treats all the states ....politically, economically and socially.There may be certain present blunders existing in its system but the central government is quick to rectify and correct them!

Texas joined to be a part of the United States....and the present American president hails from Texas.

"""Sabah and Sarawak didn't join Malaysia. Together with Singapore and Malaya they agreed to form the Malaysian Federation. The position of Sabah and Sarawak within the Malaysian federation were more tuned than that of Texas when it joined the USA but then everybody is happy over there simply because the thoughts of the American federal leadership are based upon the principle of Egalite, Fraternite and Liberte...""they even look at Guam as a state!""

So if KL says that 31st August 1957 is "Malaysia's independence day it ok to have at least a deputy prime minister or maybe the premiership itself coming from either Sabah or Sarawak...not necessarily from UMNO nor BN?

Got me???

Tin Kosong,
Gunung Kinabalu