Friday, 25 April 2008

Kidnappers, Rapists goes to jail

Mohd Sahrizal Suhaili (left) and Mohd Arifin Bidin being led to the court room in Kota Kinabalu yesterday. Both received lengthy jail terms and 45 strokes for kidnapping and raping a university student.

The Sessions Court in Kota Kinabalu on Thursday heard how two local men had kidnapped a 22-year-old Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) student in a stolen car, than assaulted, sexually abused and raped her during a 10-hour ordeal which only ended after police came to her rescue.

Mohd Ariffin Bidin, 29, and Mohd Sahrizal Suhaili, 21, who claimed they were driven by Satan to commit the henious crimes, which sent shockwaves across Sabah, felt the full brunt of the law by the time proceedings came to end at the courthouse.

The following is a full report of the case reported by the NST today.

By Joniston Bangkuai

KOTA KINABALU: Two men who kidnapped a 22-year-old university student, raped her and forced her to perform oral sex on them were jailed a total of 101 years and ordered to be given 45 strokes of the rotan.

Mohd Arifin Bidin, 29, was sentenced to 56 years' jail and 25 strokes of the rotan, while his friend Mohd Sahrizal Suhaili, 21, was given a 45-year jail term and 20 lashes.

The sentences were meted out by Sessions Court judge Duncan Sikodol after the duo pleaded guilty to eight charges of kidnapping, raping, forcing to perform oral sex and causing grievous hurt to the girl.

Both accused were unrepresented, while senior federal counsel Suhaimi Ibrahim appeared for the prosecution.

Mohd Arifin and Mohd Sahrizal were jointly charged with kidnapping the girl, a second year student of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, at 6.50pm on April 15 at Kingfisher Park. Each received sentences of five years' jail for this.

They were also jointly charged with causing grievous hurt to the girl between 6.50pm and 5am while travelling from Kingfisher Park here to Kampung Rompon in Tambunan. They were each sentenced to five years' jail and ordered to be given five strokes of the cane for this charge.

Separate charges were framed against the two accused for raping and forcing the victim to perform oral sex.

Mohd Sahrizal, an unemployed from Kota Belud, was charged with raping the girl between 6.50pm and 10pm on April 15 at the old Kota Kinabalu-Tambunan road and forcing her to perform oral sex on him at the same time and place.

He received 20 years' imprisonment and 10 strokes of the rotan for the former and 15 years' jail and five lashes for the latter.

Mohd Arifin, a fishmonger from Bongawan, was charged with raping the girl twice between 6.50pm and 10pm on April 15 at the old Kota Kinabalu-Tambunan road and between 2am and 4am on April 16 at the same place. He was sentenced to jail terms of 23 years' and ordered caned 10 times for each of the charges.

Sikodol ordered the jail sentences for both accused to run concurrently.


Anonymous said...

Ngam lah tu! Sembarang saja dorang merosakkan masa depan gadis itu!

nurul said...

Serves them right! But I think they deserve more than that, like 50 strokes of the cane each! They devastated the girls future. I just can't imagine the trauma she had gone thru.May God Almighty Bless You Girl.

Anonymous said...

I served many years in prison.....and I know how it feels like when one is deprived of human liberty. Capital punishment has to suffers when deprived of freedom alone! They will learn their lessons....but let God do the rest!

The Sub-Commandante

( about castrating them?)

Anonymous said...

Those peoples not human.. even worse than animal... they don't deserve to live in this earth... instead i hope they disappear forever. shame to be human without contribution but destroying our civilization society, some more is to who is more capable than them to give contributions to our country.
Useless to live, waste government money to "rear" them inside the jail.
i know we should give chance to everyone but, i think this society can't bear with their behavior. they keep on to commit crime.. useless than rubbish in the world...
i heard before that, other countries use these sin persons to do the scientific experiment.i think this is the only 1 thing they can contribute to the society.. however it is implement in oversea.

Anonymous said...

castrating? good idea anonymous!.. they should be punished in front of public (public canning).
mmg kejam 2 ekor tu, hukuman tu pun sudah kira paling ringan, actually hukuman mati pun terlalu ringan.
we should let scientist used them as 'specimens'. sbb tikus makmal pun lebih bagus dari 2ekor ni.

May God bless the girl.


Anonymous said...

hmm..i think the punishment given to them is insufficient..the amount of emotional, mental and physical pain she has gone through..these fellows must me castrated..thats the best punishment to give rapists...

Ritz said...

the punishment they deserved is "cane to death"
or "dirotan sampai mati"

Anonymous said...

sorry... kalau idea saya tidak bagus.
saya rasa dorang perlu kena ikat di centre point berbogel, smua orang boleh lihat dorang punya muka... and girls can "lastics" dioraNG punya burung... for a month. let them puas!... this kind of human should not be called human. dog is better than them.

Anonymous said...

Lord... help us to understand why this thing happened...

Anonymous said...

Damage had been done. . .
Dont think any punishment to these bustards will be enough. . .Rubish

I`m a malaysian studying abroad. . theres very rare rapists here. . .cause they practise free sex . . sometimes its hard to say the idea is good or bad. . .

Anonymous said...

To all gals out there.. Please always be careful when u're out there. The society is different from how it used to be.
To all guys.. Always protect ur love ones from those stupid inhuman or wateva u col out there..
May god bless us all.

Anonymous said...

i agree with those above said the punishment is unsufficient.. "saya sebagai pelajar UMS sangat tidak puas hati dengan hukuman itu"...!!!!