Thursday, 17 April 2008

DAP Assemblyman Assaulted

Sri Tanjong DAP Assemblyman Jimmy Wong Sze Phin today claimed that he was punched on his chest by a man when he tried to get a road cleared for motorists in the Sabah's eastern town of Tawau.

Jimmy said a car parking lots and a a-two-way roads was closed to make way for a government's function but it remained closed after the ceremony ended.

"My handphone was jammed with calls, SMS so I went to see the situation for myself. There was a traffic jam, no parking spaces so I asked the organiser to clear the parking lots and the road. But a man punched me instead. He also told me that I was boasting. He said `kau tembirang', Jimmy said.

He said a Chief Reporter of a Chinese newspaper who wanted to take photographs of the man punching him was also almost being assaulted by the same man. The journalist escape being hurt as he fled the scene.

My Say:

It my recollection is correct, this is the second time that Jimmay was punched while performing his duties.

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