Sunday, 4 November 2007

Yes! Its Sunday....

No posting yesterday because it was All Souls Day and today a short one because its Sunday. As a song says Never on Sunday....A Day of Rest, that's what I gonna do today. I am going to the Kionsom Waterfall to check what's new. As stated in, I, too, proud to be living in Kampung Kionsom. In fact the Bingkasan is one of the three original Kionsom's `son of the soil', the other being Gaban and Ligong family.

So I am off to Kionsom Waterfall. And to know more about Kionsom, just type Kionsom in web search, you will be fascinated.

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Big bro,
hv a good restful sunday
tks too for putting my blog in ur blog
just in case u hv yet to find the gadget, the link to any words in ur posting could easily be done
when u do ur posting, look at the few tool bars n see the one like chain and the word "link"
the rest is easy
what ever...
congrats for being up there at pagerank