Friday, 2 November 2007

Housing loan

If your loan application to buy low cost house was rejected by the bank, proceed to the Sabah Housing and Town Development Authority (SHTDA). The State Government's agency has RM10 million fund for loan to buyers whose applications had been refused by banks.

The RM10 million Federal Government-funded loan scheme will be launched soon. It will be managed by SHTDA.

State Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Haji Haji Noor yesterday told the Press in Kota Kinabalu that through this scheme, the government could assist more low income group to own houses.

The State Government is targeting `zero squatters' by the year 2015.

My Say:

My application for housing loan from banks will surely be rejected being a village folk (orang kampung) from Kampung Kionsom. So by right I should be eligible for the loan to be launched by the State Government soon.

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