Wednesday, 21 November 2007

I won UK lottery....

For the past few weeks my dozens of messages in my e-mails informing me that I had won lottery worth of millions of ringgit prizes in United Kingdom and US. There are also letters of several people, mostly widows, seeking assistance for me to be their husbands' next-of-kin to claim million US$ for them with promises of 30 per cent commission.

I had not bought any UK or US lottery tickets but the messages started that that was not the point, they randomly selected e-mail addresses and that mine was among those who won.

I am amused. I am sharing this to check if you, my honoured visitors, are also flooded with similar messages.



my email too
not only recently but since months ago
and all are con jobs
i hv checked with authorities and my own investigation
if u reply, the next thing will be for u to pay the courier service to send ur supposedly cheque
the cost is between rm1,500 - rm3000
so that's the catch
ignore them.
same with the widows or bank officers in bukina faso or where ever
aramai ti next week
my family to return 27nov

V M Koding said...

Samalah kita...