Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Yes, 10 years ago

That's me with two of the Germans who greeted me in Bahasa Indonesia. At right is Kajai recipient Sdr Karim Sulaiman.

Ten years ago a group of London-based Malaysian journalist was invited by the German Government for a week educational tour of the country. We took a plane form Heathrow to Bonn and from there we took a train ride to Munich, stopping and spending a night in each of the cities down.

The group comprised of Tan Kah Peng (late) of the Star, Hamzah Sidek (Utusan Malasyia), Wan Hulaimi (Bernama), Zahara Othman (RTM), Karim Sulaiman (Berita Harian), Habibah (Berlin-based TV3)and Me representing New Straits Times.

This trip was an eye-opening for me who was before the visit, German was just known to me through history book. Along the way, we met Malaysian students studying at universities and in Munich, we met German students who spoke to us fluently in Bahasa Indonesia.

My Say:

One that I will not forget. When I asked for beer, I was given a litre-full. I did not let my host down for I managed to down three. How I did it, I never knew.


Philip Golingai said...

dear jb,
hello! my favourite quote from you. "nobody remembers a kedekut man."
eeeeeemm i do hope you remember my name.
all best.

JBingkasan said...

dear philip,

hello! yes that make us remember me always. come again to the waterfall whenever your are back home. sundays are my days at that sulap.

northborneo said...

dear gumuk,

hello, long time didn't minum-minum with you lah.



jaxon s said...

oh, i think i know where the sulap is...

JBingkasan said...

mr panjang & jaxon,

anytine at the sulap. i will be there standing waiting for you. jaxon you are going down under so do not miss the drink marked XXXX, the more Xs, the stronger it will be.

panjang, boleh kah kalau kau! 3 10