Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Taking own life easy

A Form Five student of SMK Pekan Kota Belud committed suicide Tuesday by consuming insecticide. It was believed that she took her own life after being scolded by her father for returning home late the night before. Police had ruled out foul play.

My Say:

How easy to die. Several months back a primarly school pupil hanged himself to death after he could not take it any longer teasing of his schoolmates that the food inside his lunchbox prepared by his mother was like dog food.

It common for Sabahans, particularly farmers, to keep Round Up, Monsanto and the likes of it to spray/clear their plantation from unwanted vegetation. It is common, too. that we read in newspapers people taking their life by drinking these poisons. I, too, have one in my store which I used to fight the lalang around my house.

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