Saturday, 28 July 2007

Soon to be history

Information Communication Technology has overtaken the traditional theatre/cinema business in the Federal Territory of Labuan. Lido Theatre at the junction of Jalan Muhibbah/Jalan Tun Mustapha will soon be demolished for the development of a 100 rooms 10-storey hotel.

Gone will be the place where lovers hang about, a place for family entertainment for so long. The premier entertainment house those years has been part of the past of most locals. It has been sold by its owner Kinabalu Cinema Sdn Bhd to a Sarawakian businessman for RM3 million.

Lido Theatre which was later named Wilayah was the only surviving cinema after two others Victoria Theatre and BFO Cinema had closed shop several years ago.

My Say:

My tour of duty for many years made me travel to Labuan and had never missed patronising the theatres. With the last to go, save for the cheap beer (compared to the price elsewhere) down memory lane will be gone forever.

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