Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The more the merrier says Kalakau

The United Sabah Dusun Association (USDA) has no qualms over the plan by a group of people to form the Dusun Society Sabah (DSS).
President Datuk Kalakau Untol said in a democratic country like Malaysia everyone has the right to form an association.
He said another association like DSS would not create a split among the society and that USDA would carry on with its work.
"The more the merrier. Everybody can do their part to instil awareness among the society for the sake of development," he said.
It was reported that a group of Dusun leaders in Penampang led by Datu Sebastian Datu Panglima Banting are in the midst of forming the DSS, an "umbrella" association for the community.
It would be open to all natives whose race is defined as "Dusun" in their birth certificates and would strive to nurture the Dusun culture, dialect and to organise programmes that could bring about progress for the community.
According to Kalakau, USDA would not be objecting to the DSS formation because "what we want is for everyone to contribute to the development of the community".
"They can do their bit, we can do our bit for the betterment of the people," he said.

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