Thursday, 27 December 2007

What's up, Kanul, Ansari, PKR?

I received an interesting Press statement from Kanul Gindol, the political secretary to Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan today. It is in response to Haji Ansari Abdullah's statement on Wednesday which I posted earlier.

Kanul's Press Statement is entitled `It must be Ansari personal opinion' and I quoted in full below.

KOTA KINABALU; What Ansari Abdullah has stated in his news conference yesterday must be his personal opinion, because it is a deviation from an agreed policy of the party's top leadership that the State Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Steering Committee under the chairmanship of Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan is the top policy-making body on policies and election candidates, as far as Sabah is concerned.

I am issuing this statement in my own capacity with the instruction from the second echelon leaders as well as the grassroot that we must put our beacon of hope at the right spot, and that we must always sends truthful words to the people.

As far as I know there was no such state decision as yet to field Ansari or anyone else, in a predominantly Kadazandusun parliamentary seat like Tuaran, so I found it as just being disrespectful to our leader Dr Jeffrey, who is recuperating in hospital for spinal injury, to pick this time to announce own candidacy in a seat like Tuaran.

The announcement by Ansari could mean many things on Ansari and the party. Many are alarmed at Ansari's words because we understand that there was not yet a decision by the Steering Committee as to stand in only 40 seats and 20 MP seats, as Ansari had wrongly implied. This must have come from Ansari single head.

I am more concerned, and now want to share my concern with the public, when I am told by friends that Ansari had unilaterally, but with the knowledge of Sec-Gen Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who was here recently, `decided' to omit any Kadazandusun & Murut and Chinese leaders from the team to negotiate with DAP on the latter's intention to field candidates in Chinese and KDM areas.

What does this mean?

How on earth could this be when the very thing we wan to negotiate is Chinese and KDM seats like Api-Api,Kepayan, Tamparuli, Laiwan and even Kuamut where DAP also had made known to us its interest to put up candidates.

My Say:

Its look like this opposition party's leaders are divided and have their own camp and personal agenda.

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