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More on PKR Sabah

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Tuesday, 27 October 2009 07:37


FIRST of all we, a loyal members of PKR would like to congratulates Ahmad Thamrin for being appointed as Sabah State Chief. Well, as per camp J requisition, to have a truly Sabahan to hold the post of State Chief, so the President has granted their request by appointing Ahmad Thamrin. Excellent job Dato' Seri President!

According to PKR's constitution, President has every right to appoint whoever that he/she likes to be the State Chief. So there shouldn't be any doubtful about it, eventhough camp J has claimed that they got 3/4 supports from the Divisional Chiefs. As a party member we should obey with the President decision. If anybody or whoever reluctant to bear the decision made, they are welcome to pull themselves out from PKR in block.

This group are just a liability to the party. They might think that they are the important person in party. For a God sake, they are nothing but a trouble-maker. They've created a lot of irreparable problems. I believes if they are gone, a lot more KDM will joint PKR and PKR will gain more trust from the Muslims and KDM. As what I've written before, this camp J is a disaster to PKR. Get rid of them and PKR will gain more and more supporters from every level of peoples. Trust me.

Dr Jeffrey should be thankful to the President for appointing him as the Vice President of PKR. To be frank, Dr Jeffrey has no influence in Sabah. Dr Jeffery bought a number of ‘fragile’ divisional chiefs in order to show to President and Ketua Umum that 3/4 divisional chiefs has supported and wanted him to be the State Chief. The grass-roots doubts the sincererity of Dr Jeffrey and his so called hard-core teams. Dr Jeffrey is a racialist and there's no way in hell that he could unites natives Muslims and natives non-muslims. We exactly don't have faith on him. They are experts in making up defamation.

I remembered Dr Jeffrey at once has chosen his own relatives to stand in Pitas on 2008 general election. Pitas is a Muslims area and it's end up with miserable result and deposit deprived ! Even Dr Jeffrey manage to win all KDM's seats they still can't rule the state. Happy daydreams Dr Jeffrey and the gangs.

From the rumours I've heard that Dr Jeffrey and the gangs would like to joint SAPP and it's not a shock if the current President of SAPP will be kicked out by Dr Jeffrey and the gangs. Well Yong Teck Lee, beware! This bizzare groups will crushed your SAPP as what they did to PKR. No wonder Pairin doesn't want his brother back to PBS. PKR should have not bring in Dr Jeffrey to PKR on the first place. Look what he did to PKR - a massive destruction!

By the way, who is Daniel John Jambun in PKR? He is not even a divisional chief and he is only former Deputy Sabah State Chief. Talking about the so called so powerful KDMTF, another daydreamer!

This task force it's not mentioned elsewhere in the PKR's constitution. This KADAZAN MURUTDUSUN task force are only created by Dr Jeffrey to ensconce himself. Wake-up dude, stand on your own feet and stand right infront of the mirror, and ask yourself, who am I and does myself meaningful to the party? If the answer is NO, it means that you and Dr Jeffrey brains need to be motivated and get polished!

Once again, to Ahmad Thamrin just ignores these uppish and broken-hearted groups headed by Dr Jeffrey and the gangs such as Awang Ahmad Sah, Awang Tengah, Duljit, Johanis, Jalumin and Lajim Yusof.

We are definately will gives our 100% moral supports to you. These groups will continously attacks you and your line-up Majlis Pimpinan Negeri. Let it be. Let the camp J barks all night long. So far they've done nothing good to PKR only demolishing and jeopardizing PKR.

To Daniel John, who are you to judge Ahmad Thamrin as a poor performer? Don't ever equalize the messed that you and Dr Jeffrey has done with other people. At least we are having a Sabahan leaders and may I remind you as per you and your gangs requested, remember?

So take it or leave it. Don't like? Get yourself out from PKR and leave PKR alone!

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