Tuesday, 13 May 2008

And I am back again....

Looking at the date of my last posting, I realised that I had not been in front of this computer for a week. After the Kuala Lumpur trip, I went round villagers in Sabah for the Kaamatan Festival celebrations and last Sunday a wedding of a close family friend.

I was still down with the effects of celebrations yesterday but today back to normal and back in front of this computer. My mind is still blank of happening around me but hope to be back active posting from now.

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Kaamatan.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a relief that you're are back.....AGAIN! Even glad to hear that you gonna be active again....""An idle mind is the devil's workshop!""

I thought that fear were running in you having read my "subversive" kind of writings but then whatever is written or going to be written are not at all treacherous against the peace and cohesiveness of the nation as a federation. We all love Sabah...don't we?

Love thy God first....second comes thy Motherland (Sabah lah!)...and then only your parents. Love ourselves the last!

Let the Spirit of May renew us to be more attentive of our Sabah which is now limping on all angles!

Gunung Kinabalu

Anonymous said...

...Joe...you sound like "RTM" punya journalist lah! You sound like one who can never eat rice with kicap except rice with "special menus" !

Kadang kadang mau makan juga ikan masin bos! We are changing....how about you? A "great change " gonna make us better persons...adapt to it...common man! Psychological warfare is a thing of the past...after this stage of spiritual warfare then we gona move spaceward.....wanna come along?

Pace up....you're lagging 7,000 miles behind! Like Ghapur said...."it is not KeAdilan the party that we want but JUSTICE for Sabah!"

Posik noh oi tompinai...kaada dih moginimpi!


ps:....who is Nurul.....a Goddess?

JBingkasan said...

Without fear or favour, my loyal visitors be rest assured that I will not let Aki Momogun `leave the big house to go into a hut'.

And I am no RTM journalist. I can take rice even with only salt or nonsom with it, with ikan masin will be a bonus.

Anonymous said...

…as Ghapur says it : Sabahans want justice ….bukan Parti Keadilan! We Sabahans want to be rcognised as a PEOPLE!

Pada mata orang Malaya kita orang Sabah umpama orang utan! Oleh yang demikian...maka tak perlulah kita pindah dari bungalow atau rumah teres! Sebagai orang utan kita tinggal atas pokok....AND IF WE "THE ORANG UTANS OF BORNEO WERE UNITED...WE NEED NOT ANY 5 STAR ACCOMODATION...EVEN THE NAKED SKIES ABOVE WILL BE GLAD TO SHELTER US!

I am sorry Joe should I provoked your feelings but it was unintentional! You are better off than me being able to eat rice only with salt......but do you know that my late father and his siblings used to eat rice withouk any lauk. Their parents used to do this...: sekeping ikan masin digantung dan setiap anak-anak hanya perlu menghidu bau ikan masin tersebut agar nasi dapat ditelan dengan mudah! Begitulah perkongsian orang kita dulu-dulu!

Again...sincerely I am so sorry Joe should belittled you...okay?

Lord of the Nunuk Ragang


Big bro
it is always good to be silent once in a while
only to come back refreshed and with a bang
keadilan. justice. whatever
success is the journey not the destination
i hope my two cent will somehow help our community to be better
rice alone. or with salt. or nonsom. or whatever....
life is such a wonderful thing!