Thursday, 20 September 2007

Sweet White Rabbit

An AFP reports from Manila says that the Philippines has banned four Chinese food products from school canteens following reports they contained cancer-causing formaldehyde.

Among those banned were the popular White Rabbit and Milk Candy brands, Bairong Grape Biscuits and the Yong Kan Foods Grape Biscuit.

Formaldehyde, a colourless, flammable, strong-smelling substance, is commonly used to preserve dead bodies and is a potentially toxic cancer-causing substance.

In July, the Philippines Government banned all of the four food items, only the makers of White Rabbit, Guan Sheng Yuan Group Co, have denied using formaldehyde.

My Say:

White Rabbit's sweet is also popular in Sabah. I wonder if those sold in this Land Below the Wind are also `Made-in-China' products.

Fishmongers in Sabah are also known to use formaldehyde on the fishes (to keep them fresh) they are selling, particularly, those being transported to rural areas.

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